About Truking Feiyun

Truking Feiyun, a subsidiary of Truking Technology Limited, was founded in 1986 with the goal of manufacturing and supplying pharmaceutical equipment to customers across the world. The company formerly known as Ruian Feiyun Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Feiyun Technology Co., Ltd. Today, Truking Feiyun has grown into a globally trustworthy company capable of providing customers worldwide with complete solid dose and pharmaceutical manufacturing solutions.

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Pharmaceutical Equipment and Solutions
Pharmaceutical Equipment and Solutions

At Truking Feiyun, we offer a wide selection of pharmaceutical processing equipment and customer-specific configuration solutions for the efficient and safe production of capsules, tablets, and liquids. Our products are divided into categories of automatic capsule filling line, solid dosage processing equipment, tablet/capsule packaging line, liquid dosage packaging line and nitrogen generator.

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  • Automatic Capsule Filling Line

    NJP series automatic capsule filling machine is an intermittent motion encapsulator that doses and fills powder or other solids at multiple tamping stations.

  • Solid Dosage Processing Equipment

    Truking Feiyun's solid dosage processing equipment is known for its advanced technology, high cost effectiveness, reliable performance and process flexibility.

  • Tablet/Capsule Packaging Line

    The FS20 automatic packaging line is a versatile solution for counting and filling of a variety of tablets, soft capsules, hard capsules, pills and other solid dosage products into bottles.

  • Packaging Line for Liquid Dosage

    Truking Feiyun designs and manufactures packaging lines to suit a variety of oral solution, mouthwash, and other pharmaceutical dosage of liquid and viscous products packed in stick sachets.